Victoria Beckham in High Heels with No Heels


Victoria BeckhamThe icon of style Victoria Beckham, who arrived to Macy’s, NY, with her husband David to launch their new Signature fragrance, was wearing boots that just stunned the public. It was a patent leather thigh-high PVC boots with 5-and-a-half inch platform but with no heel! It was Italian fashion designer Berardi who designed this unbelievable heel-less boots for Posh.

He says new boots feel pretty comfortable. “They are well balanced. When girls put them on for the first time, they are obviously a bit hesitating. Later on they say the boots are just like wearing a regular shoe. My new creation is graceful and the girls wearing them look like ballet-dancers. Having a heel is just really psychological, – the designer goes on.

Victoria Beckham in High Heels With no Heels

The way Posh looked, however, suggested that wearing new boots was not only psychosocially challenging. Her husband David was always beside her ready to prop his wife up for balance.

Victoria Beckham in High Heels With no Heels

It’s no wonder because you have to stand on your tiptoes with this footwear on. That makes the wearer to lean quite far forward.

Victoria Beckham in High Heels With no Heels

‘Heel-less boots are very bad for your foot and back, – says a spokesperson for The British Orthopaedic Association. I strongly discourage wearing these boots. The heel should provide proper foot support”. But who would listen to him, if Posh herself favors the innovation.

Victoria Beckham in High Heels With no Heels

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  1. I find those heel-less boots ridiculous. They are impratical, look silly, and Posh is forever precariously leaning on her husband for support, haphazardly teetering in those bum-high catastrophes. The PVC is too much, and with her harsh hairstyle and cold demeanor, with only a hint of a smile, Posh does not pull this look off. Sorry, darling.

  2. Shoes like these are old news within the shoe fetish scene.. They are often referred to as pony shoes. Perhaps our Posh is making quite the BDSM statement here and we are all too blind to see it..? Other examples of how fetish shoes are making their way into the public eye is the extreme ballet shoes worn by Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Rihanna.

  3. I think you are all a bit jealous!! Not everybody could launch a new fashion in such a stylish way….maybe you just don’t have the right size for it!!!!!

  4. She is GORGEOUS! Loved her since I was a kid! Everyone who thinks differently…is just jealous of her beauty inside and out 🙂

  5. That’s a fashion statement, alright; a statement of bad taste, that is. Those heelless boots are as awkward as the rest of her garb.

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