Most Useful Clothing Items Ever


Below you will find almost two dozen examples of clothing items with some hidden features. Such a selection of clothes could be incredibly useful. You really need to try it yourself to be able to appreciate all the qualities of this wardrobe. However, first, it is recommended to get acquainted with some specific examples. Enjoy them.

1. A belt with a set of tools

This is a belt that can come in handy in an extreme situation. Its metal parts are full-fledged tools, including a flat screwdriver, a cross-head screwdriver, and a hexagon head.

2. Ballet flats

Compact ballet flats can easily be folded and placed even in a very small handbag. Such shoes will surely appeal to fans of high heels and long walks.


3. A sweatshirt for two

A warm and practical sweatshirt for the mother’s and baby’s cozy walks on cool days. Due to the dense fabric and unique design, this garment will provide the child with warmth and comfort, and the mother’s hands will be free.

4. A scarf with a pocket

A scarf with a secret pocket where you can put your passport, keys, a credit card and money is a handy thing for the girls, who do not really like bags. It will also be helpful, if you want to protect your valuable things.

5. A glove with a pocket for a bottle

A warm glove with some space for a bottle or a glass will be a wonderful gift for the fans of football matches, who sometimes have to attend the stadium in cool weather.

6. A wristwrap

A sports wristwrap with a small pocket for money, keys or a cell phone that will help you take the necessary things with you for a jog or for a workout.

7. A belt expander with comfy buttons

A small piece of cloth with buttons or hooks that will help you comfortably “fit” into your favorite jeans or a skirt, even if you have slightly gained weight.


8. A sticker for the armpits

Special stickers for the armpits, which are invisible under the clothes, will cope with the traces of sweat or an unpleasant smell and will give you more self-confidence.


9. A sports bra with a pocket

A sports bra with a small inconspicuous pocket, where you can put keys, money or a credit card.

10. A hoodie with a pocket for a bottle

A hoodie with a pocket that will let you conveniently fix the bottle with a drink and keep your hands free.

11. A brooch making your decollete smaller

A small exquisite brooch that will reduce the decollete and turn a frank outfit into a decent one at any moment.

12. A removable bra pocket

A small removable pocket for valuable things, which can be easily fixed on the bra.

13. Summer shoe insoles

Thin summer insoles, made of the natural material, will protect your feet from slipping or sweating and will make wearing shoes much more comfortable.

14. High socks

Unique high socks that will not let your feet freeze and will remain invisible under your pants and in your open shoes.


15. A headband and a rubber band in one

A sports headband with a special hole for the hair, which will allow you to collect the hair in a ponytail, is a great thing for athletes and just active individuals.

16. A hooded scarf

Three in one: a scarf, a hood, and a pillow. It is an invaluable thing for fans of traveling as well as for the people, who often go on business trips or sleep in public transportation. It also protects from light and noise.

17. A T-shirt with a “track” for cars

A men’s T-shirt with a playfield on the back, which will help entertain children at home or while traveling in public transport.

18. Flip-flops

Flip-flops with original voluminous inscriptions on the soles, which can help you leave spectacular footprints on the sand.