Knixwear Vs. Victoria Secret: Which Is the Right for Your Budget?


When it comes to women underclothing—bras, panties, lingerie, and swimwear—the first retail store that comes to mind is Victoria’s Secret. They enjoy more than 20 years of supremacy. However, things are slowly changing. Though they are still the leading brand, other stores are coming up strong and they are threatening the dominance that Victoria’s Secret has enjoyed over the years. One of them is Knixwear. The retail giant is also popular with underclothing and accessories like bags and wallets.

What These Two Brands Have in Common

If there’s a thing that sets these two brands apart from the rest is their superior clothing technology. Two key features come into mind when considering their technologies: odor control and moisture wicking. The underclothing from the two brands can be worn for long hours without having to produce a bad odor or leaking. This means that you can stay dry and comfortable for a long time when you opt for these brands. Additionally, both brands promise options that are sexy, stylish, and versatile.

What Sets Them Apart? Which One is Right for Your Budget?

Considering that these two brands employ advanced technology to offer you quality products, it normally comes down to their pricing, offers, and return policy when choosing between them.

1. Pricing

Both brands have flexible prices for their underclothing. For example, you may spend at least $20 on a panty, at least $45 on a bra, at least $48 on swimwear, and at least $10 on an accessory if you shop on Knixwear. In the case of Victoria’s Secret, you are likely to spend at least $10 on a panty, at least $39 on a bra, at least $42 on swimwear, and at least $82 on an accessory.

So, other than accessories, Victoria’s Secret has more affordable options. In case you want to score a huge discount on either brand, you should consider bundling. For instance, buying a single pant will cost you at least $10 on Victoria’s Secret but buying 10 of them will cost you $35. So, bundling is more economical.

2. Offers

Other ways to save at Knixwear besides bundling is signing up for the monthly subscription box and using a coupon. The subscription is $18 per month for new underwear to be delivered on your doorstep every single month. You can also claim a discount by using a Sitewide Knixwear coupon. On the other hand, the easiest way to save at Victoria’s Secret other than bundling is joining a reward program. For example, joining the Pick Membership program allows you to access ongoing coupons and discounts.

On both sites, you can visit the Sales Page to find out the latest bargains, more so on special dates like Black Friday and Christmas. In terms of shipping, Knixwear has an $8 flat fee policy for online orders and this is meant to cover shipping within the US. Conversely, Victoria’s Secret does not have such a policy. They offer you free shipping to any part of the world if you meet a minimum purchase requirement. So, the more you order, the likelier you are to enjoy free shopping.

3. Return Policy

Knixwear has a 30-day return policy which allows you to get your money back if your underclothing order does not meet your specifications. Victoria Secret, on the other hand, has a 90-day money back guarantee. So, if you are looking for an extensive period for returning the orders made, Victoria’s Secret has an upper hand. In both cases, you are required to return the order unworn and its sticker should be intact for the refund to be processed.

When it comes to buying underclothing online, Victoria’s Secret and Knixwear are clearly some of the best stores. Their quality is unquestionable and they have amazing offers. So, if you are looking to shop fairly, it’s necessary to compare their offers to see where you can score a bargain.