Simple Ways to Tell the Authenticity of a Piece of Jewelry

Gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and precious stones are just some of the jewelry materials that we use. Their value differs depending on several factors: purity, color, type, and others. When buying a piece of jewelry, whether it is silver personalized jewelry or a diamond-encrusted ring, you must know how to spot a fake piece from a genuine one. You don’t have to be a gemologist to be able to distinguish real jewelry form fake. There are simple ways you can tell the authenticity of a specific piece of jewelry.

Do the magnet test

Silver and gold do not adhere to magnets. A good magnet should be with you always when you purchase jewelry. This simple trick in telling if a piece if fake is beneficial. So, if you are buying a silver piece and it sticks to the magnet, return it right away because it may just be metal disguised as silver.

Check the price

Authentic jewelry will set you back a good amount of money. So, if you see a store selling jewelry at very low prices and you think that it is too good to be true, it probably is. Jewelry stores that offer huge discounts on their items do not necessarily mean that they want their jewelry to be affordable. A lot of them sell things cheaply because they are not genuine.

Is the seller reputable?

Before buying jewelry from someone, especially online, you must exercise due diligence first. Research the reputation of the seller and read reviews from previous customers. If some reviews are negative saying that the seller sells fake jewelry, look for another more reputable seller.

Check the seller’s return policy

A jeweler who sells authentic jewelry offers returns on purchases so that you can exchange it for another piece or if it has some issues. Beware of stores that do not accept returns; they are most likely the ones who sell fakes.

Look at the brand’s logo

Misspellings, different font and a difference in the logo are dead giveaways if you are holding fake jewelry. Knock-offs look genuine at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you will see key differences in the logo and brand. Use a magnifying glass to take a look at the jewelry.

Perfection is not always a good thing

When it comes to precious stones and diamonds, perfection is not always a good thing. Because they are naturally occurring, they will have some imperfections, such as lines, grains and the like. Fake stones and diamonds tend to have very smooth surfaces – an indication that they may not be genuine stones or diamonds.

Arming yourself with basic knowledge on how to spot a piece of fake jewelry is essential, especially if you are fond of buying different pieces of jewelry, whether for personal use or to give to other people. You don’t want your recipient to find out that what you gave them was a fake piece because you failed to authenticate it beforehand.

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