How to Find Well-Fitting Glasses When You’re of Asian Descent


If you’re of Asian descent and having trouble finding glasses, you may be wondering where to begin. Sometimes being Asian and finding glasses that look good on you can be hard. You may need to ask yourself some questions first and this will help lead you to the perfect pair of glasses! I actually recently had this problem and did a little research to help others who may also find themselves in this conundrum.

Why is it hard to find glasses when you’re of Asian descent?

Most glasses are actually made to fit people who do not have a low nose bridge and a high set of cheekbones. In fact, you will find that most glasses will touch cheekbones on a person of Asian descent, before it will hit their nose. It’s just a fact of life and one that needs a bit of solving. It’s safe to say that today’s current glasses market simply can no longer be a one size fits all approach.

Why not just add in nose pads?

As hard as it is to believe, not everyone wants to just add nose pads to a pair of glasses to make them fit better. There are a lot of cute styles out there that one will miss out on just because the nose pads don’t always look good or work on all styles.

What does one look for in a pair of glasses?

If you’re of Asian descent and looking for a pair of glasses, you need to know what to look for in a pair of glasses. Whether you’re looking for reading glasses, eyeglasses to help you see better, or sunglasses, there are a few options to help you out.

Look for a Narrowed Nose Bridge

Guess what? If you’re looking for that perfect pair of glasses to fit your unique Asian face shape, then you may consider embarking on a narrowed nose bridge journey. This type of frame will help keep your glasses from sliding down the nose.

Look for Longer Nose Pads

While this may not be the #1 answer to finding Asian fit glasses, it is a start. Longer nose pads do well work with some styles of glasses and they may just work with the style that you’re wanting. The only way you will know if it looks good, is if you try them out!

Reduced Frame Curves

Since most people of Asian descent have higher cheekbones, the frame of the glasses needs to be made differently. Your glasses will actually need to have a reduced frame curvature. While not every eyeglass company will offer this, at least you know what to ask for next time!

So, you no longer have to settle for glasses that are ugly or “just okay” because as time progresses, more styles are available to help those of us with Asian descent, find well-fitting glasses.

As mentioned before, one size fits all glasses are no longer working for everyone. There are great shapes and styles out there. With some adjustments, we can all find a pair of glasses that we love and actually enjoy wearing on a daily basis.