7 Medical Check-Ups Every Man Needs

In times such as these, one of the essential things is to undergo a regular full body check-up. So far as men are concerned, raging health issues such as diabetes and sexual anomalies need to be addressed as promptly as possible to increase the survival rate. Therefore, it is imperative to develop the habit of periodic check-up to catch the earliest signs of abnormalities in the body to gather the means to address them as quickly as possible. The following are the 7 complete body checkup every man should undergo.


Diabetes is the leading health concern raging across the world. Irrespective of the demographic proportions of a place, the disease is still one of the most researched after carcinogenic ailments. For men over the forty-year threshold, it is generally advised to undergo what is known as the fasting plasma glucose test to measure blood glucose tolerance. Apart from that, one can also undergo a common A1C test. Additionally, it is essential to keep in mind that medical experts usually recommend overweight men over 45 years of age to compulsorily undergo a thorough diabetes examination. Generally speaking, one needs to stay away from food and drinking eight hours before the test.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

For men, it is a crucial imperative to undergo tests for the detection of any sexually transmitted diseases. Such ailments need not be evident always. For instance, men infected with HIV may not show any symptoms for over a decade. This makes it all the more necessary to undergo medical screenings for early detection.

Additionally, medical experts do not recommend any particular age limit for undergoing STD tests. Men who have had unprotected sex are always vulnerable to the perils of this dreaded condition. Therefore, STD tests should be done periodically irrespective of one’s age and present health conditions or even one’s personal health history.

Body Mass Index

One can self examine the body mass index which is an essential parameter to measure the status of the body. Technically, a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered to be optimum. However, most men are fairly unaware of the importance of the body mass index. As a parameter, it can be a useful tool for shedding light on the contours of diet and exercise which are basic parameters for assessing the condition of overall health. Apart from that, one can easily detect signs of obesity and act accordingly to prevent further deterioration. Besides, the BMI is especially significant as a standard for overall body health.

Cholesterol Levels

According to recommendations put forth by leading medical experts, men who have crossed twenty years should develop the habit of checking cholesterol once every four to six years. As per studies, it has been found that men are more vulnerable to the pangs of cardiovascular disorders than women, thanks to abnormal cholesterol levels. Therefore, the significance of cholesterol examination cannot be overstated. A typical cholesterol test measures the overall level of cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol and the presence of triglycerides. Depending on the results, doctors may prescribe certain core dietary modifications and advise regular exercise.

Blood Pressure Test

The menace of disorders influenced by abnormal blood pressure levels has been the leading point of discussion since time immemorial. Generally speaking, checking the levels of blood pressure should be brought down to the mundane in that one can be prey to it at almost any time irrespective of health or age. Men are particularly vulnerable to the perils of abnormal blood pressure. At the same time, such abnormalities may not always show any symptoms. Except for hypertension, nothing is particularly evident, and therefore it is all the more crucial to undergo regular blood pressure level tests.


According to medical experts, men who have crossed the fifty-year threshold are particularly vulnerable to the likes of colon cancer. Therefore, men are especially advised to undergo colonoscopy. The test is one of the most dreaded in regular circles. In fact, it must be kept in mind that certain apprehensions have been highly exaggerated. However, it is essential to undergo it to explore the large intestine for any possible signs of cancer or the presence of polyps. Besides, it is important to prepare adequately, as per the directions of the surgeon, for the test. The bowels should be cleared, and solid food should be abandoned. Laxatives and fluids should be prioritized over everything else. The whole process will be done once the person has been sedated.

Prostrate Screenings

Although controversial in its way, prostate screenings are advised for men over fifty years. Although most maintain that such tests might be unduly expensive and superfluous, they are essential for the detection of any early signs of prostate cancer. Men can either undergo the PSA test or the digital rectal exam. Also, it is vital to understand that prostate cancer progresses very slowly and almost without showing symptoms. This can be especially troublesome for old people who might find it excruciatingly troublesome in the later phases. Therefore, it is important to undergo proper prostrate screening in the best interests of the body.

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