Emma Watson's Photoshoot for the Teen Vogue


The Teen Vogue web-site posted some photos from Emma Watson’s photoshoot and a small interview with the actress as a preview to their August edition. Emma’s magic outfits remind of Alice in the Wonderland.

Emma Watson Teen Vogue Photoshoot

The young actress talked about the filming in the new Harry Potter, saying that she has never felt so tired before as she literally comes to the set in her pajamas and Ugg boots.

Laughing Emma Watson

She also commented on her fashion preferences saying that Chanel is her lucky brand as she feels confident while wearing it. She also noted that she likes ballet flats.

Emma Watson in Purple Dress

Emma Watson and Little Pony

Beautiful Emma Watson

Emma Watson Fairytale Fashion

Emma Watson for Teen Vogue

Source of the images: teenvogue.com.


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