Edmundo Castillo Light-up Shoes


While Tron: The Legacy is hailed as #1 box office blockbuster, designers keep on drawing ideas from the December winner movie. Here’s one of the latest – light-up sandals offered by footwear wizard Edmundo Castillo.

Light-up Shoes

The Puerto-Rico-based designer – who is known for his collaboration with Italian brand Sergio Rossi – used the same electroluminescent material that the costumes in the picture were made from to create a pair of graceful LED-lighted women’s footwear.

Predictably called the “Light Sandals” they come on sale starting February 1 at the price of $1,650.

Other Tron-inspired ideas include a suite in a hotel in the town of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. The Ice Hotel now boasts a neon-glowing suite that looks devastatingly futuristic.

Hotel in the town of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

3D glasses manufactured by eyewear company Oakley carry direct reference to the movie, being dubbed “Tron Limited Edition 3D Gascan” and adorned with graphics associated with the film story (to be purchased for $150).

Oakley 3D glasses

Source of the image: Shadesofclass, Luxury-insider