Daphne Guinness Comes up with a Diamond Studded Glove


Daphne Guinness confessed her dislike for jewelry pieces worn around the neck or dangling from the wrist or the ear. To her mind those things should be denounced as trite and lacking a special magic charm. She makes her statement with a really unusual armor-like glove that she created in collaboration with jewelry designer Shaun Leane.

Diamond Studded Glove by Daphne Guinness

The glove is a hand-made affair of chain mail studded with 5,000 diamonds – a serious proposition for those who don’t shun standing out of the crowd – and named appropriately “Contra Mundum”, that means “against the world” in Latin.

The magic hero piece is currently exhibited at the White Cube Gallery, London, represented by Jay Jopling.

Source of the image: Somethinofnothin.