Black Provocation from Rock & Republic


The brand Rock & Republic has launched an advertising campaign of its new spring-summer collection with a provocative name “Skinny Bitch“. Most of the fashion brands decided that this year’s spring-summer season will be bright and colorful.

Skinny Bitch Collection from Rock&Republic

However, the youth brand Rock & Republic offers us an aggressive and sexy black spring. The new spring-summer collection from Rock & Republic was given the name “Skinny Bitch”. The images in the campaign fully follow the name of the collection; daring and uninhibited Rock &Republic girl in sexy mini-dress and tight jeans fully dominating the young man.

Rock & Republic Spring Collection

Diana Dondoe became the face of the campaign; earlier she used to work with the fashion house Balenciaga.

Rock&Republic Sexy Fashion

Rock&Republic Fashion

Skinny Bitch Collection

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