7 Common Mistakes Women Make When Choosing Clothes


Every woman, no matter how old, wants to look stylish. Many go to trendy shops and buy quite a huge amount of quality clothing, but still do not catch admiring glances of passers-by. So what’s the deal? Perhaps their image looks a bit awkward? We have gathered the 7 common mistakes that you should not repeat, not to become a laughing stock.

Wrong shape

There are several types of female figures: hourglass, apple, inverted triangle, pear, and rectangle. Many articles have been written on how to pick the right clothes for every type, but nevertheless, women continue making many mistakes. It happens that a thing itself is good, but it looks bad on you because it just doesn’t match your body type. When choosing clothes, you need to remember that every item needs to hide flaws and emphasize advantages. For example, women with narrow hips should choose A-line skirts because they visually add the right volume, but plus-size girls do not always look good in them.

Wrong age

Every woman wants to look young and beautiful. However, sometimes, trying to prolong youth, women choose clothes not intended for their age. Do not wear t-shirts with cartoon characters or bows, if you are in your late thirties. It looks really ridiculous. There is clothing for every age. We need to keep this in mind.

Wrong size

Unfortunately, many women make this mistake. Remember the tale of Cinderella: however hard the daughters tried, the shoe didn’t bring them happiness. You will not appear slimmer if you wear a dress size smaller. On the contrary, such a thing will accentuate all the flaws and make your figure ugly.

Wrong color

It is important to remember that not all colors equally suit each of us. A bright top can emphasize the freshness of your face or add a few more years. When choosing clothes, consider if the color accentuates your eyes or makes them dull.

Wrong print

A print can emphasize the advantages of your body or completely ruin the whole image. You should remember a few basic rules. Horizontal stripes make you look fat. Almost always. Large flowers will add a few more sizes. If you don’t know how to match prints, do not mix polka dot and stripes – this doesn’t always look good.

Out of place

It is important to remember that there are proper clothes for each place. A costume for the office, a bright dress for a club, jeans for a walk or picnic, and sports clothing for sport. Do not wear an evening dress to work or heels to a picnic. It’s inappropriate.


The right choice of tights is half the battle. However, not everyone knows how to fit them into their image. Remember that black tights don’t match light clothes and shoes. Moreover, you shouldn’t wear them with open-toe shoes or sandals.