Women Need a Male Diet to Lose Weight


Forget about cavemen diets, the Atkins diet and blood group diets. It turns out that, to lose weight, a woman should eat like a man.


Famous American nutritionist and personal trainer Jim White of Virginia Beach Town believes that women wishing to lose weight need to switch to a male diet. That is replacing cocktails with beer and diet meals – with fatty ones. Jim cites a study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto, which proves that the more a woman restricts herself in food, the higher the risk that she will give up and gain more extra calories than before the diet.

However, men, as opposed to women, rarely go on a diet. Of course, they sometimes try to eat healthier foods, but they are not too zealous in this. This psychological approach to nutrition gives maximum results, according to Dr. White. Therefore, women should absolutely refuse the consumption of dietary products.

By the way, these products often have an insufficient number of proteins and fats that provide a feeling of satiety. However, they are saturated by an extra amount of sugar and salt to enhance flavor. Dietary cuisine is tasteless, so men avoid it, Jim White says. Why would they bother with these low-fat products, with small portions that need to be heated in the microwave?

Expert advises to pay attention to the ingredients, the amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in food. Replace the usual salad with a steak full of proteins that are necessary for weight loss. Vegetarians should add more beans and nuts. Of course, White knows that men lose weight faster than women because of testosterone. Still, he advises women to pay attention to those men who eat whatever they like and do not get fat.