How to Prevent Hangover?

Do not mix alcohol; do not drink beer after whiskey or drink water between portions of alcohol – everyone knows these commandments. However, before you drink hard, you also need to take into account some subtleties, and then you will really feel a significant difference between your and your friend’s health condition after a fun-filled night at the bar.


1. No diet cocktails

According to recent studies, if you mix alcoholic drinks with diet soda – for example, cola – the alcohol content in your blood immediately rises by 18%. Without the sugar and calories, alcohol flows directly into the bloodstream. Of course, we are not fans of drinks with fructose, but a few extra calories can significantly extend your way to the stage of singing karaoke.

2. No smoking

Even non-smokers find it rather difficult to refuse a cigarette after a good drink, but according to a research by Brown University, the union of these two bad habits almost inevitably leads to the fact a terrible hangover the next day. Researchers believe that nicotine promotes the release of cytokines in the body – proteins that regulate the immune response. As a result – the brain gets inflamed, you suffer headache and blurred consciousness.

3. Avoid drinking dark alcohol

A little chemistry lesson: according to an expert in alcohol metabolism and a Professor of Anthropology at Union College, James Schaefer, fermentation and distillation of alcohol often leads to the formation of toxins in it. High concentration of toxins can be found not only in cheap alcohol, which is usually consumed by students, but also in expensive dark alcoholic beverages such as bourbon, brandy, whiskey, rum, some types of tequila. An experiment showed that 33% of participants who drank bourbon suffered from a hangover, while only 3% of vodka drinkers woke up with vertigo.

4. Take vitamins

For alcohol to be normally digested, you need nutrients. From a medical point of view, the more you drink, the more nutrients the body needs to restore the resources of the liver. Besides, alcohol destroys vitamin B. As a result, somatic cells are deprived of nutrients, which leads to severe hangover. We suggest replenishing the balance of vitamins in the body, taking complexes B, B6 or B12.

5. Forget about fizzy drinks

Of course, sipping whiskey and soda looks appealing, but carbon dioxide in the company of alcohol gets into the upper part of the small intestine, where, basically, the process of alcohol assimilation takes place. The result is a more rapid and severe intoxication and probably painful hangover.

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