Weight Loss Music


In order to eat less sweet, you need to listen to “sweet” music during the meal, according to scientists from Oxford University.


Sugar is known as “white death”, and its excess is much more harmful to human health than excess fatty foods. However, many people find it incredibly difficult to stop eating sugar or reduce its amount, as they feel that their life is deprived of pleasant moments without sugar. British scientists have found that human brain can be “cheated” and it will give an opportunity to reduce the consumption of sugar without mental suffering.

To achieve this, you need to listen to pleasant “sweet” music at mealtimes, which can enhance the sense of taste. Brain feels the taste of food more sharply so that sweet foods seem sweeter and salty – much saltier. Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology and the author of the study, believes that this technique enables to reduce the amount of unhealthy ingredients including sugar intake without losing the taste of products.

He says, though, it gives a short-term effect. You can make your dinner 10% less sweet or salty simply using certain sounds. Meanwhile, it already has a huge positive effect for health. Choose the right tune, because the tempo and instruments are very important. The professor thinks that in the future, mobile applications manufacturers will produce musical accompaniment for meals that will enhance its taste. Much is in our head, including the sweetness of foods.