Victoria Beckham’s Slim Body Secret Revealed


Last week Victoria Beckham celebrated her 40th anniversary. However, the intensity of her physical activity is so high that a girl half her age would hardly cope with it. It allows the former singer and successful designer to maintain such an amazing slimness.


Although many believe that Victoria Beckham is close to anorexic, Vicki is afraid of cellulite, as her friends say. That is why the wife of the famous footballer David Beckham is regularly engaged in sport with the help of a strange-looking gadget HYPOXI, resembling a large egg. Inside this “egg”, the mother of four children, dressed only in a swimsuit, pedals and sweats hard.

This unit uses vacuum technology, which increases the blood flow to the lower body, which (according to the creators of the device) helps to burn fat and reduces cellulite. Celebrities introduced fashion for HYPOXI, and only the price of this procedure keeps thousands of women from doing it.

In addition, Victoria Beckham is a devoted fan of “treadmill dance” – physical activity, which includes dancing, jumping, and other doing other moves during an hour on the treadmill. Finally, the fashion designer’s diet includes steamed fish and vegetables and frozen grapes – Vicki’s favorite treat. She believes that their taste and texture reminds of ice cream, which the woman does not eat because of the diet.