Overeating During the Holidays


Huge Holiday TurkeyDietician recommend us to follow several easy healthy eating strategies over the Christmas and New Year holidays season. Many doctors say that any attempt to lose weight or limit food consumption during these holidays is doomed to be a failure. Experts advice people not to engage in “personal torture” and will-power test, but instead to go with an achievable goal – to try to maintain the weight through this period. In order to achieve this goal, some simple strategies can be followed.

Eat Before Holiday Dinner

Dieticians say that we should avoid going to the holiday table on an empty stomach. Have a light snack before going for the main dinner; for instance, one can eat a yogurt, small bowl of cereal, and some fruit. This way we can lower the chances of overeating during the party.

Eat Everything, but Slowly

Having small portions of low-calorie foods throughout the day will compensate the thirst for heavy and fatty mealy at the dinner. The main point is to eat slowly and in small portions. This way we can try different dishes, while following our body’s desires and without hurting it as well.

Do not even think of starving yourself before the holiday dinner! You will eat much more once you’re at table.

Don’t Forget Your Workouts

Another point says that lowering physical activity before the holidays arrive is the main reason why we can not fit into those gorgeous outfits or get shocked after weighting ourselves after the holidays. Without physical activities, the calories are burnt at a much slower rate and at the same time higher are the chances of you eating more than the body needs. So, make sure you do not miss regular workouts, even if they are right before the holidays.