Don't Start Dieting on Tuesday


Research shows that women who start a new diet on Tuesday are likely to give up quite soon.

Start diet on Monday

Tuesday is the worst day to start a diet. Those who started a diet on Tuesday, are far more likely to lose their resolve within a week, while those who started a diet on Monday or Sunday, appear to be more motivated to continue the diet.

The experiment involved 2000 Britons who were on a diet last year. It revealed that those who started the diet on Sunday lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks (approximately 4 kg) on average. 88% of them did not put on weight after the diet was over.

The survey also showed that an average British woman tries three diets in a year. Most give up the diet on Friday, after a stressful workweek.

So, according to the research, the greatest perseverance in following the diet was shown by those who started a new diet on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

Today is Tuesday, isn’t it? Well, you may eat a cookie then!

Source of the image: Photl.