9 Tips on How to Make Skin Less Saggy After Weight Loss


You’ve managed to lose weight, and now you’re slender and petite. But what should you do with the skin, which became saggy and wrinkled? To tighten saggy skin, follow our simple tips.

Weight Loss

  1. Maintain the water balance. Try to drink plenty of fluid every day. A sufficient amount of water in the body makes skin more elastic. And this, in turn, protects it from excessive stretching.
  2. If after weight loss the skin lost its elasticity, you should rub it hard with a sponge in the shower. This improves blood circulation and makes skin more elastic.
  3. Use a contrast shower. This procedure has a tonic effect on the skin and tightens it well.
  4. Use scrubs. Mild cleansing removes dead skin cells, refreshes the skin and makes it smoother.
  5. Go on a massage course. Total body massage improves blood circulation, makes skin fresher, more elastic, and simply improves mood.
  6. Do not forget about special creams, lotions and gels. The composition of these products includes collagen, vitamins and nourishing substances that quickly and effectively tighten saggy skin after weight loss.
  7. Go in for sports. The best sports to make skin less saggy are swimming, water aerobics, running and gymnastics. In order to make the skin on the belly less saggy after weight loss, you should do abs workout every day.
  8. Reconsider your diet. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  9. How can you make skin less saggy after weight loss, if nothing works? In this case, you should see a specialist. Since in some cases, making skin elastic after weight loss is only possible with the help of plastic surgery.