3 Coffee Substituting Foods

British researchers have published a list of foods that can replace coffee in the morning.

Red Apple

It so hard to pull yourself together after waking up, especially if you went to bed later than usual, or you woke up a lot at night time. But there are some foods that help to perk up quickly in the morning.


The first point in the top list enabling a rapid awakening and not doing harm to the body is ordinary drinking water. It helps to relieve fatigue and stress, and promotes early awakening.


Chocolate can also replace coffee: the cocoa beans contain extracts, which tope up the body, and a bar of chocolate improves our energy reserves.


A red apple eaten in the morning helps you to wake up, enriching your body with vitamins and fiber. Also the list contains nuts, chicken, fish, oatmeal and green tea. The authors of the study believe that, to get a charge of vivacity, the body needs a balanced breakfast, not caffeine.

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