8 Ways to Stop Food Cravings


To commemorate the upcoming summer season and the season of bathing suits and short topics, Geniusbeauty.com has compiled a list of simple ways that can help you overcome uncontrollable food cravings.

Woman is eating a huge sandwich

1. Don’t Skip Meals

Do not skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also, do not forget to have a bite during the day because frequent and light snacks help us not to crave for food and not to overeat at night.

2. Avoid Calorie-Rich Snacks

If you want a sweet snack, eat a handful of dried fruit and a teaspoon of honey. Instead of candies, treat yourself with marmalade. A usual sandwich with cheese and sausage should be replaced for a sandwich with cheese and lettuce. If a cup of cappuccino is a sweet snack for you too, choose coffee with skim milk.

Here’s the list of healthy snacks:

  • 100 g crackers
  • 1 banana,
  • dietary bread,
  • fruit salad,
  • dried apricots.

3. Use Scented Candles

If you feel a very strong desire to eat, light a scented candle with the scent of vanilla. Vanilla restrains the sensation of hunger.

4. Drink Instead of Eating

Try herbal tea with a spoonful of honey. In general, if you have a strong desire to eat, especially at night, drink a glass of milk or juice.

5. Cook at Home

Make eating right your hobby. Cook at home and you’ll see that you will want to eat at a certain time. You will be more selective and will choose balanced food.

6. Don’t Eat in front of a TV-Set

TV provokes snacking and overeating. Good books, movies at the cinema and friendly gatherings are ranked among other famous “friends” of overeating.

7. Brush Your Teeth More Often

People, who regularly brush their teeth three times a day, happen to be overweight less often. That is the conclusion made by Japanese scientists studying the way of life of about 14 thousand people.

The researchers found that slender people tend to brush their teeth after every meal, whereas overweight people included those who sometimes forgot to do it every day.

8. Are You Hungry?

Before putting food in your mouth, ask yourself the question: “Do I need it? Do I really want to eat?” Take advantage of this moment, and maybe instead of a piece of a calorie-rich cake you will have a desire to eat an apple.