5 Reasons behind Sugar Cravings


Uncontrolled consumption of sweets can cause not only the appearance of extra kilos, but serious health problems as well. Doctors explain why we cannot resist the sweet temptation, even though we want to.

Sugar is toxic substance

Lack of nutrients

If the body loses nutrients and calories it needs, it starts to urgently look for the sources of energy, and the person may feel acute cravings. So try not to have four-hour breaks or even longer intervals between meals and do not experiment with a strict diet of less than 1500 kcal per day. The brain, which works exclusively on glucose, will make it impossible to resist the temptation to eat sweets or biscuits.

Skipping lunch

Lunch is important because the body needs to get most of the daily energy till 16.00-17.00. Not having received it, the body will look for any fast way to “refuel” itself.

Imbalance in power

If the diet contains too little protein and carbohydrates, the body responds to this with hunger and the desire to quickly quench it by eating something sweet. Both protein and carbohydrates (complex ones) lead to the feeling of long-term satiety and supply the body with reasonable amount of energy.


Sweet tooth people are well known for their weakness. However, too strict control of each eaten chocolate or a vow to never eat them, only reinforces the craving for sweets. Nutritionists believe that it is better to treat yourself with something tasty. In order not to overeat the sweet foods, you can eat them when the stomach is full. If the overall diet is balanced, the passion for sweets can eventually subside.

A habit

Very often, this passion for sweets is not more than a habit driven to automatism. We must look for the ways to avoid such a habit: for example, instead of the usual two spoonfuls of sugar put one spoonful in your tea or coffee. Less sweet taste will eventually become the norm for you.