Latest Fashion Trends for Dogs


Many of you have heard of or seen the photos of celebrities bearing little dressed-up dogs. People created fashion and we are so generous, that we have also created fashion for our pets. Some celebrities cut their dogs’ hair, comb them, dress them and buy tiny shoes for their little friends. They bear those sweeties in special bags. Sometimes you can see quite expensive earrings at a dog or even a perfect manicure. But they always smell sweet because they are wearing the latest pet fragrance. DOG! Oh, sorry… GOD! While the owner spends two hours a day at a beauty salon, it seems, their dog spends twice as much time there. The results of these transformations are sometimes scaring. Is it a real dog? Or is it a toy?

Why do Celebrities Dress up their Dogs?

According to some, as the vast majority of the celebrities dressing their dogs are female, their motive of treating dogs this way is the fact that they either have not realized themselves as mothers yet or their children are already grown-ups who do not need a too-much-caring mother anymore. The hormones providing maternal instinct accumulate inside a woman making her taking too much care of a dog and imagining it were a baby. Some say, those celebrities just did not have real childhood, they were not just little girls, who could play with friends in the yard and attend kindergartens, but celebrity’s children, who were followed by photographers and written about. They cannot play with dolls at this age anymore, but they still can play with little dogs and do all this, what they would do with a Barbie years ago. And this reason is not the worst one, because it provides at least a little love to these nice creatures. The worst thing takes place, when those cuties, who had an awful lot to bear a the beauty salon, are only used as an element of a celebrity’s own style, instead of running around, wuffing at pigeons and annoying the neighbors. These women did not have their childhood, but it does not mean, they have a right to deprive these dogs of their normal dog life.

Dog Wear Trends

As for me, I do not think that man’s best friends have deserved such tortures. But there also exists dog wear, which is really necessary, for instance, coats for cold winters. I would like to share with you some beautiful pictures of them. Look at those nice little dogs, their wear and houses! Aren’t they cute! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the World of Dog Fashion! Enjoy the photos:

Cute Funny Dog

Dog Bed

American Dog

Doggy Dress

Pink Dog

Dog Car

Dog Divan

Dog Divan

Dog Bed

Horny Dog

Dog Dress

Dog Bed

Dog House

Dog Dress

Nice Dog House

Woof Dog

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  1. My daughter has 2 poodles. Mimi Parie is a miniture poodle, silver-grey, an absolute doll-baby and an angel. Zaa-Zaa is a white toy poodle. They are so smart. Have so many clothes. I make some for them and have crocheted winter sweaters for them. I’m in the process of making new ones for this winter. A girl can not have enough clothes. When we take them out, everyone comments on their cute clothes.

  2. I used to have a poodle too. His name was Spike, was something between grey and black. We grew up together, and he treated me like his little sister. Me and my mom cut his hair together, this process lasted really long and sometimes he looked like a little dinosaur 🙂 At times it was about -25 C outside in Winter, and we still had to walk with Spike, he wore nice sweaters croacheted specially for him, it was nice. Despite the weather, those days were really warm…

  3. These are adorable! I have a Long haired Daachsund/Pomeranian mix. I definitely dress my ‘Little Lady” as she is 16 years young (106 in dog years) and chills easily. She loves putting on her clothes before leaving the house, and really strutts her stuff. What a cutie! Little Lady Galaski is still very active and loves to play. We just adore her, and she knows she has a good home now. We rescued her from a shelter, she was so frightened and afraid of us and its no wonder as the prior owners abused her. I will never understand how anyone could have done that to her (as she is such a loving baby girl) or any other animal for that matter. I pray everyday that she makes it to another birthday (March 12) and God be willing, she will. Thats my “Precious Baby Girl.”

  4. Oh these puppies are ah-dorable! I have two little dogs of my own, one is a toy poodle, sandy brown coloured (Mallie) and one is a teacup yorkshire terrier (Ellie) These are the cutest dogs you will ever see! I would do anything for them. I buy them cute little clothes like these dogs too! They get a new pair of shoes, bows, jackets, dresses, skirts, work-out outfits, p.j’s, slippers,shirts and much more every week! A dog cannot have too many clothes. Oh but when you buy the clothes make sure they are custom made or they look tacky. The designer for my dogs is Valerie Mariina. She does a fabulous job! I will say it does cost you, about 3,100 a week…but that’s not much and besides daddy pays for it anyways!

  5. they are the cutest dogs ive ever seen

    awww they are soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Soooo cute!!! Love them all, especially the Woof jacket, Cutie dress, and American Pup jacket. I have a bichon frise and if u get anywhere near him with clothes, he runs away. Unless its shoes, he chews those. Hes a pest, but I luv him!

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