Cute Pictures of Funny Creatures Part 1

The guy who created these is a genius!


I’ve always collected things that make me smile. I used to save funny stories, cute and amusing pictures, creative images. Here are some pictures showing what can be done out of some staples, corks and other “raw materials” with a little creativity. It wasn’t me who created these cute things, but honestly I used to do something similar at the office, when my boss was away and I was too lazy to work. Just look, how much fun you can have just using all the stuff that lies about and some imagination! For example, you can play the Civil War.

Olive Fighting against Cornichon

Or you can imagine yourself dancing with Marge Simpson.
Couple Dancing

Or tavelling through the wild jungle.

Or, if you are hungry, there is nothing like a fat baked duck! Yum!

Or, if it doesn’t help, then a naked woman would do.
Naked Woman

Or, if you are still hungry or are just not interested in naked women, then a chips pork would be exactly what you need.
Chips Pig

While you are enjoying this delicate dish, don’t forget about your friends and share it with them!
Friends Forever

Fortunately some of us possess conscience and never forget about their duty. Here is your dear chief.
Busy Boss

Those, who are politically aware, can also have some fun. But they would need to pay for this fun a little.
American Presidents

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  1. Mira, thank you very-very much for the link. I didn’t know, where these funny creatures came from. I found these wonderful pictures on different sites not signed and was wondering, who was the author of them. Terry is genius! thank him for a lot of positive emotions.

  2. CC, there’s the reference to the genius author of these amazing pictures under the post. I can repeat it: “Source:”. You can find there more funy creatures.

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