Beautiful Pictures. Squirrels


In one of the previous posts we were speaking about nuts. Here is something to the topic. I have found beautiful pictures of squirrels, really cute. Enjoy!

Little Squirrel

Squirrel’s Face

Flying Funny Squirrel

Squirrel in Winter

Red Squirrel

Monument Squirrel

Very Cute Little Squirrel

Vertical Squirrel

Thoughtful Squirrel

Strong Squirrel

Little Cute Squirrel

Flying Funny Squirrel

Curious Squirrel

Nice Squirrel

Squirrel Prisoner

Eating Squirrel

Flying Squirrel

Horny Squirrel


  1. Please may I paint a picture of one of the squirrel photos? They are so lovely. I should be pleased to send you a print. I am an amateur painter and use an acrylic medium.
    Thank you
    Heather Smith

  2. Heather, that’s a great idea to paint one of the squirrels! Which one would you like to paint?

    I must say, these pictures don’t belong to me. I just collect cute pictures of different animals, babies, birds etc and share them with you. But I don’t think, the owner would be against if you paint it.

    I would publish your print here with a great pleasure!

  3. oh yeah, one more thing I appreciate your comment about my crazy joy A joke for you peoples! How do they put out fires at the post office? They stamp them out.

  4. these are gorgeous and adorable pictures! the squirrels from my area are usually grey, I have never seen the red ones here. Great work capturing them at their cutest!

  5. Those squirrels are so cute! I used to have a baby squirrel. He was so nice cute and he popped every were, my brothers and I named him Joey. We found him in or trampoline, he was freezing to death, so we brought him inside and he lived with use for about a week then we let him go. I especially like the red ones they look funny, not i a bad way in a cute way!

  6. I have eastern gray squirrels and those red squirrels and fox squirrels are really cute but i have eastern gray squirrels and i used to feed them a lote.

  7. I think squirrels are really cute, and these pictures are great. We don’t have squirrels in Australia So I’m hoping to see plenty when I go to the UK later this year.

  8. I am in love with the squirrels they are so cute and fluffy. I was at St James Park and my husband and I like feeding them. They take the nuts so sweetly out of your hand. I realy like all the pictures.

  9. May I use one of you pictures in my blog spot? I have two little buggers in my back yard, but every time I point the camera they’re running away.

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