Unwanted Facial Hair


Woman without Facial HairEven if you are one of the many women suffering from unwanted facial hair, there is no need for you to put up with it and accept it as your fate. There is a couple of ways to get rid of that hair. Unwanted facial hair can grow above upper lip, on the chin and cheekbones. Before you decide on how to remove them, you need to determine the reason behind its growth.

Factors Which Cause Facial Hair Growth

Once you found some unwanted facial hair, it might be that your body experiences some hormonal imbalance. This hair may crop up during pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy. Doctors recommend removing the hair only once your hormones reach their balanced state. Otherwise, none of the methods will be effective, since the hair will keep on growing as long as the hormones are imbalanced. There is a couple of facial hair removal methods.

You really can get rid of unwanted facial hair.

Plucking the Unwanted Facial Hair out

Many women prefer plucking as a hair removal method, however, this it is not a perfect solution. The hair follicle may become inflamed, once the hair is plucked out, and leave a scar; this problem particularly applies to the dark-skinned women. In addition, the new hairs will be thicker and darker.

Depilation Creams

The depilation creams dissolve the hair at its root base. They work great on large skin areas, such as legs, but their usage on the face can lead to quite a number of complications. First of all, those creams can cause irritation and inflammation. It is not guaranteed, that the cream will reach each and every unwanted hair. On the other hand, this method is relatively inexpensive.

Waxing to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Waxing is the most popular hair removal method. This method works great on such areas as above the upper lip and close to the ear conch. But it is not suitable for the chin, since the hairs are thicker there. This procedure may also be unsuitable for dark-skinned women, since the pigmentation of the skin may change due to irritation and inflammation.


Electrolysis uses electrical current to destroy the hair follicles. On the one part, the results last much longer than the ones after waxing and depilation, but the procedure takes long and is expensive. If you decide to go with electrolysis, the bullet point here is choosing a good specialist to perform this manipulation. Make sure to ask for recommendations and verify, that the person has certificates of completed specialisation trainings.

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Facial lazer hair removal treatment is a great option for removing those unsightly and unwanted hairs. This method is perfect for women with fair skin and dark hair. Women with dark skin can also expect good results, if they go to the clinic which uses the latest technologies. Consult a dermatologist before signing up for a session to remove facial hair with a laser, as such method may be unsuitable for your skin.


  1. I know from my own experience, that waxing is great against hair above the upper lip. Girls, never shave your face! I’ll become only worse.

  2. I’ve heard, this is only a myth, that hairs start to grow more and become thicker after shaving. Otherwise men would use it to struggle against hair loss.

  3. the reason why the hair feels thicker after shaving is because the hair has been cut off so there is no more receding hair thickness at the end after it is cut off…and when it grows back you will feel a thick hair

  4. In order to remove hair above the upper lip, take a thread, link its two parts.Make it like a scissor and begin taking out hair from your upper lip. It’s more than 4 years I do so . Now the hair above my upper lip is thin and grows quite seldom. So why not include thread in your facial makeup bag?

  5. Girls,
    Do not use laser if you suffer from a hormonal imbalance. You might as well shave as it doesn’t work. It prevent you from shaving everyday but it does grow back and it does cause the white hairs to turn black. So you’ll be stuck either using expenses laser work or alternatively shaving anyway. I know shaving isn’t the best as in it doesn’t reduce the growth but neither does laser. I have been using laser for three years every 6 weeks and now I’ve just accepted it and reverted back to the old razor.

  6. Hi,
    I get thick black hairs on my chin, it makes me really embarassing, i pluck everyday and i also do threading for myself. it is going wost day by day. please suggest me how to remove this hairs permanently as my marriag is fixed september

  7. Worth mentioning that laser hair removal is the permanent solution for your hair growth problem. A series of sessions required to effectively reduce unwanted facial hair permanently.


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