Sponges, Tissues, Brushes for Face Skin Cleansing


How do you cleanse your face? Most people will tell you that they need nothing for washing it. They use the cleansing products with their own hands. However, in modern cities and offices, the skin needs a more thorough washing. Special sponges and napkins can be helpful.


Modern sponges for washing not only help thoroughly clean the skin, they use innovative technologies that can smooth out fine wrinkles, prevent acne and irritation.

But not all sponges and napkins are the same. For a variety of tasks, choose your own products:

For normal skin

For the skin, which has few problems, you can use the usual sponge, similar to those which we take to wash the dishes. However, they should be less grainy. There is also a new technological sponge. This is a very delicate sponge with antibacterial properties. The growth of bacteria on sponges is known to be stimulated by moist environment. A new sponge for cleansing gets dry very quickly, it almost never remains wet, which saves it from the production of bacteria.

Innovative sponges for washing are suitable for use with any detergents, masks and scrubs, and even can be used for chemical peeling (for example, the products with glycolic or lactic acid). They can be used for 6-8 months and are washed in a conventional washing machine.

For sensitive skin

Muslin cloth is the perfect way to cleanse sensitive skin. One should not think that this is an outdated method of washing suitable for our grandmothers. On the contrary, time has proven the effectiveness of this means, first and foremost, for sensitive skin.

Modern muslin cloths and towels are made from 100% cotton, which is important for allergic or sensitive skin. Woven cloths gently exfoliate and help improve blood circulation, purify and prepare the skin for the perfect application of serums and creams. Gentle exfoliating cloth allows the skin cells to regenerate faster; gentle massage eliminates toxins (stimulates like a lymphatic drainage).

Muslin cloth should be applied with a mild cleanser designed for sensitive skin. Wash it in warm water after every 2-3 applications.

For oily skin

Oily skin needs a more effective product than the conventional woven cloth, as this type of skin needs careful removing of sebum and dirt and cleansing pores. Asian beauties know the secret. They have such a thing as charcoal sponge, known as Konjac sponge. This sponge can be purchased at online stores or in major cosmetic networks.

It is a soft sponge, which really includes charcoal (bamboo charcoal). This ingredient functions as a natural anti-bacterial agent; it also absorbs oil and dirt, “pulling” them from the skin surface and from the depth of pores. What we obtain is the safe and environmentally friendly detox for the skin. And it is important for oily and acne-prone skin, since it requires thorough cleansing deep into the pores to prevent acne and pimples.

Application is simple: moisten the charcoal sponge in warm water, apply the cleanser on the skin and massage the skin with circular motions. Charcoal sponge can be used not only for the face skin, but also for the delicate skin of the neck, chest and even the eye area. After each use, wash the sponge and dry it with a cotton towel. It is recommended to change the charcoal sponge once in 3 months as the absorbent properties significantly deteriorate.

Besides charcoal products, sponges with similar degreasing properties are now offered for oily skin: for example, with red, blue, or green clay.

For men’s skin

Men have thicker skin than women. Besides, sometimes it is very oily, with wide pores and facial hair. At first glance, scrubbing brushes or sponges will be suitable. But daily shaving makes the skin vulnerable and irritable. Therefore, on the one hand, mechanical cleansing should be careful and, on the other hand, antibacterial and delicate.

Here’s the way out is offered by modern innovations – a silicone brush. Its “bristles” do not scratch the skin as they are smooth and non-abrasive, but they effectively clean the skin of oil, dirt, and residues of shaving products. It should be applied together with the detergent, but not with scrubs or clay masks so as not to clog pores.

Silicone brushes are available in a vibration mode, which allows even more thorough cleansing of the skin. It is important for the prevention of ingrown hairs if you shave very often.

Look for the new items in the stores and use the innovations offered by modern manufacturers.