Should You Pluck Grey Hair?


Every woman asks herself the question of whether or not to pluck grey hair when she suddenly notices first grey hairs on her head. Many people are afraid to do this because they believe that the hair does not grow back.


Pulling out grey hair is a relatively harmless procedure in terms of hair density, according to a Toronto dermatologist Dr. Marty Gildon. The hair will grow back, but it will still be grey. In fact, it has a rougher texture than naturally pigmented hair. This structure does not change after pulling the hair out.

Hair stylist Marc Anthony, who produces his own line of hair care products, says that after pulling grey hair you have to look at its root. If it is white, you can be calm. If the root is red, then most likely you pulled it out of the blood supply. In this case, the hair is unlikely to grow back again. It is also possible that a new hair can become ingrown, which can lead to infection and scarring.

There is a popular myth that plucking grey hair causes many more grey hairs to appear in its place. Marc Anthony says it will not happen. Otherwise, we could observe a similar effect after plucking eyebrows. However, he does not usually recommend pulling out grey hair to his clients. There are so many ways to fix this problem. Besides, who said that grey hair is something shameful?