Lash Lift for Beautiful Eyes


To make your eyes fascinating and eyelashes curved, voluminous and long – this is what each fashionable cosmetics manufacturer promises. At the same time British fashion stylists who work for Groom in Selfridges beauty salon, offer their clients a brand new way to make their eyelashes curved and voluminous without the use of mascara – the Lash Lift silicon curling.

Lash Lift silicone curling

The cold eyelashes curling done by the London lash stylists is a forty-minute procedure, which involves several stages, during which the client can relax and take a nap. She is only required to lie with her eyes closed. In the meantime, a light silicone pad, with the help of which the curling is done, is laid over the upper eyelids.

The client can choose one of the three levels of eyelashes curve: the strong curve, when the eyelashes are curled almost from the base, the mid curve (from the middle), or the weak one, when only the tips of your lashes are curled. Almost every separate eyelash is “pasted” on the silicone pad, with the help of a brush and a special eyelashes gel, and kept for 40 minutes. During this time, due to harmless physical and chemical effects, the eyelashes acquire a new, eye-catching curve.

At the end of the procedure, the eyelashes are dyed with an appropriate colour. Then, the gel and the dye are removed, as well as the silicone pads, and – voila! The client receives beautiful curled lashes that provide an attractive look of wide-open eyes. Besides, the effect will last for a long time – up to 6-8 weeks. Moreover, the eyelashes will remain such in the morning, when you wake up next to your beloved man, without makeup, but none the less attractive.

As shown in the clip, you can mascara the curled lashes. In this case you achieve the false-lashes effect in 2-3 sweeps of the brush. You can safely wash your face and apply eye skin cream because neither water nor cream affects the condition of your eyelashes.

The original cold gel Lash Lift curling procedure at the Groom in Selfridges is done by appointment and costs about 45 pounds – slightly more than $ 70.

Source of the image: Youtube.