Half of Young Koreans Underwent Surgery


About 40% of the citizens of South Korea aged 20 or more have already undergone some cosmetic surgeries. That is the conclusion reached by the researchers from the UnivTomorrow Research Laboratory for the Twenties (UTRLT).


The researchers have randomly selected 459 South Koreans, who are more than 20 years old. Of these, 38.1% have already undergone a plastic surgery. In this group, 46.9% had an abdominal surgery, and 44% underwent an invasive procedure. The most popular reason for the treatment in beauty clinics… was the envy for other people’s appearance, which 36.3% of all the respondents referred to.

18.7% of the patients addressed the surgeons following the advice of their friends. Of all women, 17.4% underwent a plastic surgery because of the “appearance discrimination” existing in the country, whereas 16.3% of men said yes to plastic surgeries after they had found it difficult to arrange their personal life.

Over 60% of the respondents, who visited beauty clinics, expressed satisfaction with the results obtained. 72.6% of them said that the plastic surgery had helped increase their confidence. 51.4% said that the beauty clinic had strengthened their relationship with the love partner. 48.6% of the respondents admitted the plastic surgeons’ help in finding a partner, and 44.6% of the respondents said the surgeons had helped them succeed in the search for a new job.

63% of the people taking part in the survey named the eye area as the main one that needed a plastic surgery; 61.3% chose the nose, while 38% voted for the chin. The study authors were surprised by the fact that the Koreans were forced to a beauty clinic because of trivial envy and the attempts to have their personal life settled or find a job. Today, there is a cult of plastic appearance in South Korea, and the growing number of citizens seeks to follow it, especially in the younger age.