Hair Removal Types Explained


Some of the things you do to look beautiful are not obvious, such as lipstick or hair styling. You may use a facial mask to make sure your skin is soft and glowing. Frequent manicures mean you have great nails. And for smooth skin everywhere, you have to remove some of your body hair.

When you think about hair removal, do you ever wonder what the simplest or longest lasting method is? Do you wonder if there is a way to protect your skin when you remove hair? Here to remove the mystery is an explanation of the different ways you can remove hair.

Tried and true: shaving

Wet shaving is easy and popular, but can result in cuts and nicks to your skin. You also have to do it frequently, and re-growth is not pretty. Some areas of your body may be more sensitive to irritation with shaving. You can lessen cuts by using a sharp razor. To avoid irritation, spend a few minutes in the shower to soften your follicles, and use a shaving gel that moisturizes. For best results, look into some of the newer razors that have lubricating strips.

Dry shaving with a razor is for emergencies only, as you can really nick your skin. If you want to shave dry, try an electric shaver, which has a guard to protect against cuts. Just bear in mind that electric shavers, whether you use them wet or dry, do not cut as close as razors.

Longer-lasting results

For results that will last longer than a couple of days, consider an epilator. This device removes your hair from its root, leaving you with many weeks of smooth skin. Epilators are too painful for some people, however. In the same vein, you can use tweezers to remove hair from the root. This method works well for small areas, such as the eyebrows.

Waxing is popular because it also gives you a long period of hair-free time. An added benefit is your hair growth will lessen over time, since the waxing makes the hair thinner. A downside is that the wax needs hair to grip, so you will have to wait for it grow back partially before repeat waxings. There are many professional waxing salons around, but you can also try some do-it-yourself kits. You can use wax strips, which are applied at room temperature, or hard wax, which is applied hot and then allowed to cool before it is removed.

If you’ve ever tried a depilatory, you may scoff at the idea of its effectiveness, not to mention its odor. However, depilatories, or creams that remove hair, have improved in quality and smell, and are worth a try because of their painless hair removal. Depilatory products are designed to target particular parts of the body, as well as sensitive skin. Depilatories can be messy and can cause allergic reactions, so be sure to test a patch of skin before coating your entire calf in the stuff. The effects last up to five days.

Semi-permanent hair removal

The most permanent hair removal system is laser treatment. It is also the most expensive and time-consuming, at least in the short term. It takes several treatments, with reduced hair growth after each treatment. You’ll have to follow up with maintenance treatments, but the time and money saved in the long run will be worth it for many. Look for treatments that have a cooling spray to offset the sting of the laser, and then enjoy years of hair-free life.

The downside of laser removal is that the laser is drawn to the color of the hair. Pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the light, destroying the hair. If you have light, white or grey hair, laser treatments may not work. If so, you can try thermal hair removal – this type of hair removal transmits heat instead of light to the hair.

One of the great things with all these choices is you can try them and decide which one is best for you. You can buy different razors and see which ones are best for your skin. You can explore the different options as seen on TV infomercials such as Wonder Wax and the Pearl Hair Remover, which uses heat to remove hair. You can compare how long depilatories last, compared to epilators.

The variety of hair removal methods is targeted for all your needs, whether you have sensitive skin, need smooth legs in an hour, or want to forget about hair removal when you go on vacation. Start exploring your options and show off the results.