Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Some time ago, I came across an article that read: “The paradox’ of Canberra’s high rate of overweight, obese residents.” Reading it helped me estimate the problem of weight management that people face. It is not that the issue of weight management only exists in a place like Canberra, I certainly don’t want to say that. It is a global problem, only the causes are different. It could be unhealthy lifestyle, eating disorders, overeating due to emotional distress; it could be anything.

There are many ways to deal with weight management issues. Let’s talk about a not so popular approach: hypnotherapy.

For many people in Canberra hypnotherapy and weight management do not come in the same sentence. People are familiar with gyms, Crossfit, diet plans etc but it seems rather difficult to digest that hypnosis can help cure the weight management issue. While hypnotherapy cannot directly impact your body’s metabolism or affect your weight, it can help target the issues that cause you to overeat.

What is hypnotherapy?

Before we move on to explain the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in weight management, let’s have a look at what hypnotherapy is. Hypnotherapy is a form of treatment that involves hypnosis. It doesn’t help you shed weight or sweat out the calories. It targets your food cravings.

If the roots of obesity lie in an unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits, hypnotherapy can be very effective when accompanied with a healthy eating plan.

Hypnotherapy and Weight loss

  • The purpose of hypnotherapy is to identify the cause of emotional discomfort that is causing you to eat more. Since hypnosis helps in exploring the thoughts of your subconscious, it is easier to figure out why a person overeats. It can be related to low self-esteem which causes you to rely on food for comfort.

  • With the help of hypnotherapy, a person’s self-esteem can increase which shifts the reliance on food and reduces cravings.
  • Hypnosis can help you avoid binge eating. When you have a better control over your mind and thoughts, you will feel more secure in resisting your temptations.
  • With the help of hypnotherapy, you can stay motivated in the long-term. It is the lack of
    motivation that causes us to drop out of gyms, stop exercising and start overeating.
    Hypnotherapy provides you with the tools that will help you to stay motivated while you are planning to make certain lifestyle changes.

  • Hypnosis helps you become body confident. Being so allows you to accept the outer flaws and not feel distressed by them. Body positivity helps in a better weight management.
  • Two is better than one. Like we said, you cannot solely rely on hypnotherapy to get your relationship with food. You can choose what works best for you. Go to a gym, rid of weight since it doesn’t directly impact your body’s metabolism but only changes take up dance classes but combining it with hypnotherapy can work wonders.


Hypnotherapy isn’t an instant pill for weight loss. In fact, hypnotherapy isn’t concerned so much with weight but with fitness and health. Once you have decided to make a significant change regarding lifestyle, weight management comes along with it. So while you continue with exercising and a healthy diet, consider opting for hypnotherapy as well.

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