Hair Dyeing Makes Women More Confident


Women with Dyed Hair Are More ConfidentBritish researchers have found that women who dye their hair get more confident. They start to feel themselves more attractive and sexually exciting, becoming more willing to initiate sex with a partner, and even gain enough confidence to ask their bosses for a pay raise. This interesting correlation was found by Dr Mark Sergeant from Nottingham Trent University.

The women who colored their hair showed significant changes in their behavior, getting rid of many stereotypes and prejudices and taking positive attitude towards life.

“The women claimed dyeing their hair seemed to make them feel more attractive and sexually assertive. What is more, they improved their ability to express their opinions and ask for things that they may not ask for ordinarily in a work environment” – a head of the study says.

More than a half of the 205 women involved into the research said they colored their hair only to get the attention from other people. Noteworthy that dyed blondes benefited from the reinvention to the greatest extent.


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