Essential Armpit Hair Removal Tips


Armpits can be rather unreliable – apt to let you down suddenly when you least expect it. As you get dressed for an occasion, you notice stubble and your spirits drop down because now you have to see to it, pronto! So it happens again and again, underarm problems seem to be growing on you and demanding attention. Is this your case? Then here are some tips on how to ensure your having smooth beautiful armpits which will stop being troublemakers and become one of your assets.


Worry: darkish skin

As you have finished shaving your armpits you notice that the skin retains its darkish hue. It is known as “perma-shadow,” and there are various reasons for this effect. Some of them are bacterial or hormonal, which are tricky to deal with, but this darker color can also be created by tiny stubble just under the skin which is visible.

Solution: you can wear the hue down by regular use of hair removal lotion (depilatory). As the lotion keeps being absorbed into the hair follicles the hairs under the skin (where you can’t get at with your razor) begin to dissolve, thereby making the skin look paler. But before you set about it in earnest, test your depilatory on an area on your leg to see if any of the chemical ingredients in the depilatory may irritate your skin. To take good care of your armpits be sure to choose a depilatory for sensitive skin like Veet Hair Remover Fast Acting Gel Cream.

Worry: hairs keep ingrowing

As shaved-off hairs grow anew, they don’t grow straight, but tend to curl back on themselves inside. It leads to inflammation breaking through in pimple-like red bumps which cove your armpits.

Solution: the reason for your hairs refusing to grow beyond your skin can be some excessive keratin which accumulates around the follicles. It is remedied by exfoliating about three times a week with a gentler kind of scrub (Coconut Polishing Body Scrub can be recommended). Besides, follow simple rules: move your razor in the direction of hair growth as you shave and treat the skin with some aloe vera or witch hazel after you’re through.

Worry: hair grows again surprisingly quickly

Sometimes 24 hours after a thorough shave you already see small stubble breaking out. Now this is way too fast!

Solution: if your hair breaks growing records, you need a hair inhibitor. Get a mild one. Give a try to Whish Deodorant Swipes that deals with the problem with the help of chaparral extract and other protective antioxidants which don’t irritate the skin and keep your hair in check. Also, its natural bacterial enzymes do away with unwelcome odors.

Worry: it just doesn’t help any

You’ve run through the motions, but your armpits remain as troublesome as ever. It seems there’s nothing you can do to make them behave.

Solution: you can resort to two ways to make the problem vanish: one permanent, the other drastic but not permanent. You remove hair either by laser or by electrolysis. According to the FDA tag, you get rid of your armpit hair for good with electrolysis. On the other hand, laser is the way to reduce hair on a permanent basis. Sort it out with yourself (and your wallet) and choose the one that suits you most.

Factors to be weighed: electrolysis works by demolishing the hair growth possibility with electric currents directed into the hair follicle via a sterile needle. It promises results irrespective of skin type and hair color. It sets you back something like $70 a session, but you will have to undergo it regularly.

Laser deals with dark hair best since it works with the pigment. The sessions run to a more expensive sum (about $200) but you will have fewer treatments.