7 Causes of Pimples Appearance


Despite many modern substances, clinics and professional advice, pimples continue to appear. Maybe the answer does not lie only on a good care and well-selected cosmetics. Here are some causes of pimples:

Clear skin


If pimples appear monthly and periodically, their appearance may be caused by fluctuations in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle.


If you often experience stress, then pimples can be connected with it. The fact is that under stress, our body produces more androgens that trigger pimples.


Are you one of those who talk a lot on the phone? No matter how funny this sounds, but a constant irritation of the cheeks by the handset and radiation that it bears, as well as skin contact with bacteria that accumulate on your mobile phone can sometimes cause pimples.

Moisturizing cream

Do you know that a moisturizer that does not match your skin type can clog pores?


The rays of the sun make the skin thicker, this leads to clogging of pores and formation of pimples.

Highly pigmented cosmetics

Try to use mineral decorative cosmetics, and remember the stronger the concentration of pigments, the greater the likelihood that they will clog the pores and lead to pimples.

Washing soap and cream

It is necessary to clean the face but it is more necessary to completely wash off cleansing agents. Their remains on the face cause irritation, pimples, and they clog pores. Ironically, any hair not very well-washed of a conditioner can cause clogging of pores, because the smallest particles of unwashed substances somehow fall on your facial skin.

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  1. I still care about my skin but young people take it way too far, they are beautiful but sometimes they just need to relax and wait intill the acne goes away.

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