Amareta Cosmetics for Different Days of the Woman’s Monthly Cycle


The human body is the most intelligent and complex structure, and the female body is as sophisticated as the universe. It’s amazing how well-being, mood, and even appearance can change under the influence of hormones. At least once a month, every woman can experience tears without reason and pimples that make her remember the fun time of high school. Men do not understand this, but women do! They have even developed the first line of cosmetics for different phases of the monthly hormonal cycle.

In the United States, a unique line of cosmetics has been developed. Now you can choose specific care, based on the phase of the cycle.

Women’s skin is the first to respond to all the hormonal changes. During 28-30 days it faces many challenges: from high-fat content, small (and not very small) rash to dryness, peeling and, finally, the condition without any special complaints. To avoid all the aforementioned surprises, the Amareta cosmetic brand suggests using different cosmetic products on different days of the cycle. For this purpose, the cosmetologists have divided all their products into several series or phases.

For example, just before the period (a couple of days or a week before menstruation), the level of the estrogen hormone decreases, and the chances of getting “hormonal” acne on the skin in the morning increase by several times. It happens due to an increase in progesterone and testosterone levels. To rid you of at least one reason to cry during the PMS days, Amareta suggests starting to use the products from the Luteal Phase line a week before the period days. They are designed to tighten the pores, control the production of sebum and thereby prevent rashes. In addition, these products do not contain aggressive components, like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

But within a week the situation is radically changing. During menstruation days, the level of both estrogen and progesterone decreases, and blood circulation and metabolism slow down. As a result, the skin becomes dull, dry and pallid. Especially for this period, the Menstrual Phase series was developed. Toners and emulsions are designed to gently moisturize the skin, smooth out the tone and make it glow healthily. Then you can return to your normal care system.

Amareta has taken into consideration the most interesting of all the hormonal conditions – pregnancy. For pregnant women, the brand has developed a separate series with the most natural and safe ingredients. At the same time, it also includes all the necessary products for the body, like the balm to treat stretch marks and the lotion for the breasts.

This beautiful idea has only one drawback – its cost. The average cost of cosmetics for the phases of the cycle is $42 for the toner and $62 for the cream. But why not consider the idea in itself?