Clothing Items Women after 40 Should Avoid

Society is changing. Slowly, but steadily. Due to progress, one can remain young and dashing much longer. Forty years is like another twentieth anniversary. Nevertheless, it’s better to avoid some things after 40. For example, the clothes from this list. Just because there are more interesting options!

Future is nearby. We may not be taking flying taxis to work, and the time machine has not become possible yet, but we have approached one of the most delicious advantages of a progressive society – a longer period of youth. Everything from labor legislation to the beauty industry works to make people feel younger and more energetic… and bring more money to the state.

But it’s not about the economy. We are glad that this trend is finally reflected in fashion. Forget about sizeless sweaters and colorful jerseys: middle-aged women should not be shy to wear what they like. Fortunately, the selection in popular store chains allows any lady to find something for herself. Yet, stylists advise avoiding some outfits. Only for the reason that they look too infantile. So it’s better to save your wardrobe from…

1. Unsuitable & shapeless clothes

Simply because the old silhouette can undergo natural changes at this age. Besides, it is not necessary to hide these changes under sizeless overalls. Stylists recommend finding a good tailor. If individual tailoring costs a lot of money, you can at least customize the new clothes to suit your figure. You will learn to emphasize the strong points of your body and love it more. Even if it has changed a little.

2. Hooded sweatshirts

They may well be at the peak of “street” fashion and even be represented in the collections of the largest fashion houses. A sweatshirt is an attribute of the youth wardrobe. This is where it belongs. Adult ladies should not replenish their collections with a sweatshirt. Especially if they wear it over an office shirt or blouse.

3. Clothes that keep the belly bare

There is nothing to explain here. However, many ladies love to wear such “blouses” and “tops”, and they do not even plan to part with them.

4. Mini-skirts

The length of the skirt is a sensitive issue. Despite all the fashionable progress, stylists do not recommend wearing ultra-short dresses and skirts after forty. But one should not consider indecent everything that is slightly above the ground level! A pencil skirt or a trapeze skirt just above the knee will be quite appropriate.

5. Small shoulder bags

Bags worn over the shoulder attacked the wardrobes of all fashionistas a couple of years ago, but stylists advise to leave them for the young and creative, as well as football hooligans. Against large and mature female breasts, the accessory looks a bit strange. Maybe it just turns its owner into a tourist, but at worst the person resembles a bus conductor while wearing it.

6. Camouflage

Things with this print look so belligerent that they are more suitable for rebellious teenagers than for adult women. The only excuse is when your profession requires wearing camouflage.

7. A T-shirt with bright prints

It’s great if you still like “Star Wars” and listen to “Iron Maiden” while taking your children home from school. But T-shirts with large prints, names of music bands or films and all sorts of amusing phrases are pronouncedly infantile. Do you really want them?

8. Destroyed jeans and ripped jeans

All these cuts are cool and fashionable, but they look a bit strange on everyone who is older than 18. Or not a rock star. By the way, according to rumors, even Queen Elizabeth II was outraged when Prince Harry’s bride chose such a model. After all, ladies are not supposed to wear ripped clothes.

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