6 Bizarre Beauty Treatments That Work


It’s hardly fathomable just how much attention and energy women sacrifice to the labor of maintaining their beauty. Methods towards this embrace the widest range from scientific and lab tested to something resembling medieval recipes of black magic. Listed here are some pretty outlandish pieces of advice which sound as if they were taken from great-great-grandmother beauty notebook.


Donkey milk baths

Probably the most unconventional beauty tip, this one comes down through the ages – it is believed that Cleopatra, the famed Egyptian beauty, took baths of donkey milk with honey. Both are natural skin softeners, and this method is sure to hydrate the skin as well as it can ever be done.

Diaper rash cream as treatment for acne

It is really an excellent acne cream for adults. Initially designed to battle skin irritation, these kinds of cream are built around anti fungal substances which are also good bacteria fighters. So, you can treat acne with the rash cream to alleviate the itching. If you have cracked skin on your feet or elbows, dermatologists say you can treat the cracks with this cream, too. It contains ingredients that are moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agents, that’s why a coating of the cream produces a good moisturizing and healing effect.

Bee venom creams as treatment for aging

At first it may look like you will never want to go for this daring procedure, but be advised that producing the bee venom cream doesn’t involve killing bees in swarms. The bee venom is reputed to work wonders with the skin texture and is especially effective for women experiencing menopause. Menopause causes the female hormones level to drop down fast which gives an extra sway to the aging process. Bee venom is conducive to generating of collagen and elastin and thereby improves the texture and elasticity of the skin. Puffy eyelids and lines can also be treated by under-eye creams.

Creams containing placenta

Cosmetic companies being always on the look-out for new recipes, they sometimes go for ingredients you wouldn’t even dream of. For instance, there are skin care creams that are based on the properties of placenta. Its cells stimulate a higher output of collagen which makes the skin smoother and more elastic, thus making it appear younger.

Black tea for treating sunburns

Should you burn the skin because of exposure to the sun, it’s a good idea to bathe the affected areas with strong black tea. It contains tannins that can deaden the stinging sensation and lessen the swelling.

Pouting with peppermint

A recipe well-known with celebs, several drops of peppermint oil mixed to the lip gloss can give your lips a fetching pouty look. Mint makes the blood circulate faster, consequently swelling up the lips to an extent and darkening their color.