5 Unique Hairstyles for Lazy Women


Not every woman is willing and can spend an hour every day styling her hair. Not everyone is ready to wake up early every morning and wash their hair, curl or straighten it violently. We offer 5 hairstyles that do not require a lot of time and effort.


1. Bold ponytail

Those who are tired of hair buns and are not happy to have their hair loose either should pay attention to the popular ponytail again. This season, it is offered to have it high.

2. Naturalness


Since last year, naturalness remains popular and favorite. To look natural, you need to visit your hairdresser from time to time and to dye the hair in soft light colors.

3. Hair buns

A bun can be made even with short hair. Divide the hair into four parts, curl each of them into a tuft and then use pins to fasten the tufts. Now, you just need to loosen them and sprinkle with a hair spray.

4. The long hair trick

The women who resemble Rapunzel may not have the biggest choice – either a ponytail or a bun. But it is still worth trying other hairstyles.

5. Strands


Celebrities cannot always boast sophisticated hairstyles. Most often, they demonstrate some carelessness, especially with medium-length hair. A long bob is a universal hairstyle that can be modeled in different ways.