Who Will Be Celebrating New Year's Eve with Britney Spears?


Britney SpearsBritney Spears‘ ex-husband, Kevin Federline, who has sole custody of their two sons, will be celebrating the New Year’s Eve with his new girlfriend Victoria Prince in Las Vegas. Hence, he was more than happy to send off his kids to Britney on December 31. A source, who is close to both Federline and Spears, said, that lately Kevin and Britney have much better relationship than they used to, and Kevin did not want to jeopardize it by mentioning Victoria.

He knows that Britney desperately wants to see her children on Christmas Eve and was kind enough to let her visit them in his house during the holidays. After that, he mentioned that she can take them with her for the New Year’s Eve, as if he was doing her a big favor.

Recently, it was reported that Britney asked Kevin to move back in with her and resume their relationship. Yet, recent reports claim that Kevin did not accept her offer, since he believes that he made the right decision when he broke up with her.

Photo of Britney Spears: beattrend.com.