Taylor Swift Says Good Bye to Curls


The most talked-about young American singer Taylor Swift, who recently became a target for paparazzi because of her romantic relationship with The Twilight Saga: New Moon star Taylor Lautner, has drastically changed her look.

Taylor Swift with and without Curls

The blond decided to say good bye to her gorgeous curls and make her hair straight. You decide what style suits young Taylor better.

Source of the image: 8notes.com, Fanpop.com


  1. heres the thing, taylor is super cute with curls. shes elegant, beautiful, delicate and romantic. straighten her hair, she loses all of that!!! bleah she looks terrible with straight hair!!! :x………….. i <3 taylor swift and i hav all her songs on my ipod. trust me, she has a god given gift, her hair!!! dont ruin it!!


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