Sharon Osbourne Criticizes Nicole Kidman for Plastic Surgery Addiction


Sharon Osbourne Criticizes Nicole Kidman for Plastic SurgeriesIt isn’t a secret that living rock legend Ozzy Osborne’s wife Sharon spent $ 600 000 in total on her facelift, liposuction and boob job. But she seems disillusioned and even frustrated about it. Recently, Sharon ranted on US talk show America’s Got Talent attacking actresses who are trying to keep their plastic surgeries under wraps.

Osbourne was pretty harsh saying, “Oh my god! Those liars. I hate them. They go, “On no, I wouldn’t do anything”. Meanwhile, their eyebrows are here”.

Nicole Kidman was just slashed that night. Instead of beating around the bush, Sharon chose the Hollywood actress as a vivid example for her criticism. “Nicole Kidman‘s forehead looks like a flat TV screen – how big is that forehead?”

Sharon Osbourne Criticizes Nicole Kidman for Plastic Surgeries

Although some beauty experts previously said “The Hours” movie star’s got a thing about Botox injections that help reduce wrinkles, the actress never admitted having any procedures. She says, “To be honest, I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face. I wear sunscreen and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself and I’m very proud to say that”.

Photos of Nicole Kidman and Sharon Osbourne:


  1. I think all female celebs go under the knife, but most of them don’t tell about it. Why not making yourself beautiful, if you have enough money and really need it, for example, a facelift because you got older?!

  2. The point is not in “why not making yourself beautiful” – it’s why telling everybody you’re natural, it’s a lie. And Sharon Osbourne is right!

  3. Looking beautiful is the part of the profession, of the celebs’ way of life. Why would they need to reveal their own beauty secrets? They don’t have to. And, roughly saying it’s not business of others, even other celebs.

  4. Agree with Lora Palmer. and Sharon Osbourne is stupid to have had so many “jobs” after which she says she regrets. Or mb she regrets it didn’t help her because she’s ugly

  5. It’s rubbish – I believe her, I have a sqaure forehead and fair skin like Nicole Kidman and I have never had botox – I have no wrinkles. Even when I lift my eyebrows. I keep out of the sun, moisturise -excercise and eat well.
    I have had friends ask if I’ve had it. It’s so annoying that people lie and make up nonsense. Sharon Osborn was never a confident women so she’s jealous – what a thing to say about someone. If she’s too lazy to look after herself or doesn’t know what real class is that’s her problem.

  6. There is absolutely no doubt that Nicole Kidman, Courtney Cox and several other actresses have Botox, facelifts and eye work performed. These women are liars. The proof is evident when you watch some of their older movies/episodes or interviews and they have wrinkles, especially under the eyes. Nicole Kidman had more wrinkles in the movie Malice than she does now and that movie must be 15 years old.

  7. Nicole Kidman is gorgeous and stunning But this is not all natural. I think She is also a plastic doll who have had done Lip Augmentation, Boob job and nose reshaping….Although Nicole Kidman officially decline that she ever had a plastic surgery.while surfing thru’ net i found this where it’s 100% sure that she had done cosmetic surgeries

    Nicole Kidman Boob Job

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