PETA Accuses Kim Kardashian of Killing Animals


Kim Kardashian has faced more than enough problems recently! And still, the PETA organization has released a poster accusing the sultry “sister” of a cool-headed murder. The main objective of PETA is to make Kardashian abandon her beloved fur. The “propaganda” has appeared in the form of a collage.

Celebrity Kim Kardashian

By the way, the charity organization sent the reality star an “ideologically correct” faux fur cape as a wedding gift, expressing the hope that “Mrs. Humphries” would also say “yes” to the struggle for animal rights.

Kim Kardashian wearing fur

Meanwhile, PETA is still willing to admit Kim as a “difficult child”. According to PETA Vice President Lisa Lange, they are all waiting for Kardashian to separate with natural fur. Then they would help her give her old clothes to the homeless.

Well, if the celebrity really decides that her relationship with the “inhumane” outfits has come to an end, the homeless of Los Angeles will get a good wardrobe!

Kim Kardashian wearing fur

Kim Kardashian fears fur

Celebrity Kim Kardashian in fur

PETA accuses Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian loves furs

Kim Kardashian fur wardrobe