Orlando Bloom Fell 3 Stories Down


Orlando Bloom shared a story how he was on the brink of death but came back – and became grateful for the experience!

Actor Orlando Bloom

Thirteen years back (the actor was 21), when Bloom and his friends were climbing a rooftop terrace, the drainpipe collapsed under him, and Bloom fell the height of three stories before he hit the ground.

The accident ended with a few broken vertebrae, four days of paralysis, several surgeries and a year and half of rehab. It could have been the end of his career, but, Bloom recounted to Me
n’s Health (full story to appear in the October issue), he was lucky enough to be back in form for the shooting of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001.

Since then the famous elf has to take care of his back even if it doesn’t give him any trouble. “But it’s a constant reminder,” he says adding that it has given him “a healthy awareness” of fear. He hasn’t become afraid for his life, he keeps himself centered on living and creativity and being what he is.

The 34-year-old actor who thus renewed his contract with life is married to model Miranda Kerr.

Source of the image: Menshealth.


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