Naomi Campbell Doesn't Pay Taxes?


Ever since the turn of the century the British model is plagued with legal issues. With all due respect for Naomi Campbell the US government is still sure that the way she pays her taxes needs to be improved badly – to the amount of $63,487.

Naomi Campbell

According to the Detroit News information that is the amount of the tax lien against the supermodel filed by the IRS with the New York Registrar’s office at the end of July. The lien holds that Campbell’s 2009 has not been covered properly.

It looks as if the lien was issued a few days prior to Campbell’s testimony given at the war crimes trial of Liberian ex-president Charles Taylor. Her testimony ran that in the fall of 1997, when she attended a dinner with Taylor, she received some stones that she described as “dirty-looking” but which just might have been blood diamonds.

The tax lien was delivered to New York’s Carnegie Hall Tower skyscraper owned by the 40-year-old model.

Source of the image: Thebosh