Miranda Kerr to Leave Victoria's Secret?


Is there anything that can make famous Australian Miranda Kerr give up the money and the prestigious title of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, except her second pregnancy? It turns out there is.

Miranda Kerr

The Australian model is an active supporter of environmentally friendly makeup and clothes. Last week, the products of Victoria’s Secret were reported to contain harmful chemicals. It was stated in the report by Greenpeace. The environmental organization conducted a study of clothing and lingerie produced by famous fashion brands. It turned out that two of the four Victoria’s Secret samples, purchased for testing, showed a positive result for the content of hazardous and potentially carcinogenic chemicals.

All of this has nothing to do with Miranda Kerr’s position since she has repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to a healthy and organic lifestyle. In 2009, Miranda founded her own line of skin care products called Kora Organics. Her mission was to promote healthy and natural products.

Now her participation in Victoria’s Secret advertising is under question. The Greenpeace experts believe that the model should stop supporting the famous brand of underwear that is harmful to human health. However, the choice is not an easy one for Kerr because the price is enormous. Last year, the brand paid the model $4 million for their cooperation.