Matthew Fox Is Accused of Beating Women


In this week’s Twitter conversation with his followers Dominic Monaghan of Lost, in the heat of the discussion, started throwing accusations quite freely. Matthew Fox happened to be on the receiving end.

Matthew Fox

As Monaghan, 35, was promoting Wild Things, his new documentary, he was asked by a follower whether he was thinking of inviting Fox, 45, to sign up for the social networking site – which elicited an (unexpected?) reply. Monaghan turned the suggestion down flatly on the grounds of Fox hitting women.

This was in reference to an August 2011 episode when Fox was taken in for assaulting a bus driver. According to reports, when the drunken actor was denied boarding a bus by female driver Heather Bormann, he proceeded to attack her and hit her several times in the chest and crotch. TMZ then reported Bormann describing him as staring at her blankly “with his mouth wide open and not saying anything” when she was telling him that he had to leave.

The assault wasn’t followed up with charges at the time.

Fox was also involved with the police on May 7 when he was suspected of driving under influence, but was released on the same day.

Monaghan’s fan, however, decided to thrash the matter out and asked further if that wrongdoing had negated what he called “good times you had together.” This led Monaghan to retorting that the fan couldn’t know they had good times; then he proceeded to say that the incident with the driver wasn’t the only one but one of a series.

On Wednesday TMZ was contacted by some people from Fox’s circle who declared that Monaghan didn’t know what he was saying. The two of them, they said, had not spoken for several years, in view of which Monaghan’s statement sounded “baffling,” and Fox has never assaulted a woman.