Kate Winslet Wears Lucky Underwear


Kate WinsletJust recently Kate Winslet has shocked the public by revealing she’s got a special thing bringing her luck – Spanx pantyhose shaper. The actress always has them underneath for ceremonies. According to Winslet, the talisman helped her to win two Golden Globes, and that was not an exception.

Well, it seems Winslet’s Spanx body-shape underwear brings her enormous success. And her Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Awards at Golden Globe justify just that.

Voluptuous Kate Winslet is scornful about America’s get-slim frenzy and is not going to diet herself into size zero. When she needs to shed off a couple of sizes, the actress plays this little trick of wearing body-shape underwear Spanx High Falutin underneath her evening gowns. And nobody’s aware of the game.

It is said shapewear is quite in demand among celebrities. Some of Oscar-winning actresses always have it underneath when they walk the red carpet. Though only Kate was straight about it. Kate Winslet contends she’s just an ordinary woman rather than flawless Hollywood diva. Her honesty and sense of humor has been gaining her the place in the top five most liked celebrities in America in many straight years.

Sure thing Kate had her lucky underwear on at Oscar Awards Ceremony, Sunday, nabbing Best Actress Award.

Source of the image: thefamous.info.


  1. I don’t understand why people like Kate Winslet so much! What is so good about a “common” woman? We see usual women every day. May we see hot women in movies? Instead of the one who’s proud to be an ordinary woman…

  2. Kate Winslet is the greatest actress of today, which has been proven by the oscar award she recently got. And this woman is famous due to her talents unlike other “actresses”, such as Pamela Anderson who is popular because she has silicone breast.

  3. unfortunately there’re men who need only big boobs on the screen, no culture programs, no news… creatures with limited brain abilities!

  4. Klaus adn Berrlover, you are a pair of sons of a bitch. Kate is a gorgeous ladies. Is not her fault that your mothers are common ugly sluts.

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