How Joe Jonas Split with Taylor Swift


Taylor SwiftDo you remember “Gone In Sixty Seconds” movie? Joe Jonas knows how to dump a girlfriend over in 27 seconds. Taylor Swift told on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the story of her split with Joe Jonas from Jonas Brothers band. Joe is indeed a very talented guy regarding breaking up issues. Taylor said it was tough but she’s ok now.

The singer believes that when she finds the right person, she’s not even going to remember the guy who broke up with her over the phone in 27 seconds. She said such a quick split got to be a record.

Ellen suggested the singer to start a relationship with some other Jonas to get even with Joe. But Taylor is a fair girl. What she did instead was to write a new song titled “Always and Forever”. The release date is unknown but it’s going to be a hit in the light of the split.

How Joe Jonas Split with Taylor Swift

It seems that with Taylor meeting or breaking up with a guy means writing another song. That’s smart, ata girl!

How Joe Jonas Split with Taylor Swift

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  1. wow joe what a heart breaker.Well i beleive talor!!!!you are totaly hot joe but I wouldent ever think that you would do that i mean serisly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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