Heidi Montag Picked a Lot of Holes in for Setting a Bad Example


Heidi Montag is still drawing heaps of comments over her dubious feat of undergoing as much as ten plastic surgeries in a single day, most of them quite acerbic.

Heidi Montag

Even her own mother delivered her a hefty blow by saying: “How do I go ahead and say, of course, you were more beautiful before?” which caused Heidi to break down at the Hills premiere last Tuesday.

The latest edition of the Us Weekly carries the report saying that Montag was hell bent for more fame when she agreed on the operations, quoting a source that the reality show luminary was counting on blowing up “a huge story”.

Supposedly the most virulent thrashing was delivered by Robert “Dr. 90210” Ray, who had already told UsMagazine.com that three or four procedures is the most one is well-advised to undergo.

Montag is free to do whatever she wants, he admitted in a Playboy Radio interview last Tuesday. It’s perfectly natural to be wanting to shave the chin or take off a little fat. “But multiple operations on a girl who’s already drop dead gorgeous … what message are you sending to young girls who look up to you?”

Source of the image: poponthepop.com.