Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez Split


The star of the series about housewives, Eva Longoria, and her boyfriend Mark Sanchez have separated without any squabbles, scandals and digging up dirt: the agents of the celebrities told the reporters about the breakup.

Eva Longoria

However, there were some dramatic notes: the friends of the football player from the New York Jets club admitted that the stars’ separation had nothing to do with their feelings – the whole thing happened because of the busy schedule of the two celebrities, who were physically unable to have normal relationships and to follow such a rigid schedule.

The last time journalists saw Longoria and Sanchez together was about a month ago: the couple looked happy, and the beloved openly demonstrated their tender feelings in a park in New York.

The official agent of the 25-year-old football player said that the celebrities remained good friends after the breakup and were still close. Sanchez, who was voted the best player in the National Football League in 2009, had previously been dating with the star of the Heroes series Hayden Panettiere.